Encora week 14— Open Source Phase

This was another very short week because of the holidays. I haven’t learned a lot of things this week. I think I could have spent more time learning a little more. But let’s begin C:

One of the things that I have read this week, was about Web APP Frameworks for Python and WSGI Servers. For frameworks I only knew Django and Flask, but there are so many options for Python. There are so many frameworks for Python. Like Pelican, a framework for building Static webpages like Jekyll (it seems that I have an obsession with it) or GatsbyJS. I did a little research, and Jekyll seems to be more popular, because there is more support, and themes for Jekyll. And also there are more GitHub Pages blogs running on Jekyll. I tryed to make a simplet est blog, but I think Jekyll is easier to do it.

Another framework is Pyramid. This is a this framework modular framework, that with help of other modules, you can extend the functionality. Although it is a very great framework, it suffer from the same as the previous one. There are more popular options (like Flask). Maybe in the future I’ll give this framework an opportunity.

In other hand, WSGI (pronounced Whiskey XD) Servers are web servers that forward requests to a python framework (like the frameworks I’ve talked about). I have only worked with Gunicorn before for a little project for the school. Gunicorn or Green Unicorn, is a WSGI HTTP server that is very easy to use and configure. But it lacks of functionality that others WSGI servers has. Other WSGI server is Waitress. This server claims that has “very acceptable performance” and offers more functionality that Gunicorn doesn’t have. Like the frameworks, Waitress is not as popular as Gunicorn, so maybe you won’t find so much information if you need help.

Also this week I started a course about React Native. I have before read about React Native so I decide to learn it, also because I want some day to develop mobile Apps. So what I have learned was the first steps to begin with it.

The very first thing that I read was something that I didn’t know: you can’t run an iOS emulator on a Windows machine. But you can test the code in a real device. So there is not a great problem… Unless you don’t have an iOS device. I have an iPad, so maybe I can do something with this.

This course uses Expo, that is a set of tools that helps you develop, build, deploy, iOS, Android and web apps, from the same codebase.

So after all the installation instructions, it begins with basic explanation about React components, how JSX works, and also about react-native components. This was a very easy topic, because it all works the same as the normal react components, I am very grateful to have learned react, so this course will be easier for me.

And this is all. I’m also reading about how to write goals, SMART objectives and write action plans. But this is a lot of information, and I haven’t finished reading it yet. So the next week I’ll be talking about it. And maybe in parts hahahaha.



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